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Cold Tea with Spices

2906165No matter where you are or what you are eating, sipping flavorful chilled tea on a hot summer day is a heavenly experience. Plus, such a refreshing drink also will do your body good.

Recipe for this herbal tea is very easy. Plus, it’s...

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Apple Kompot

200616Summer is the wonderful time of the year when you can enrich your body with various vitamins. Here is the recipe for an amazingly refreshing and healthy apple drink.

Moreover, this kompot is very easy to cook and won’t take much of your time.

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Raspberry Uzvar

120516Are you seeking a new recipe for a light and delicious drink? Then this Ukrainian recipe for raspberry uzvar is just what you need. The drink is accompanied by citric acid which gives the uzvar some special note. Moreover, this uzvar is a good solution...

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kak-pit-med-s-vodoj-chtoby-poxudetThis ancient honey drink is made by fermenting honey and water. The recipe is basic and won’t be difficult even for a beginning brewer. If you have ever wanted to start to brew, this is something easy and fast to try, just don't...

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Luscious Apple Drink

Sidr-2If you wonder what to drink in winter and want to cook something healthy and at the same time yummy, then this recipe is definitely what you need. This nice, light drink is both useful and tasty. It has a strong, distinct...

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Parsley, Apple, and Banana Smoothie

1_33f4dd397826c43ab1295efc4cb53c.0This vibrant green smoothie is a great idea for your quick and healthy breakfast since it will give you energy for all day long.

Lemon juice gives some piquant note to this delicious smoothie which is full of fresh flavors. Parsley...

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