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Chocolate cake with a pastry cream

This chocolate custard cake will amaze you both with its look and taste. Decorated in an unusual way, it looks eye-popping. Eating the cake is a real obsession. Its tender texture just melts in the mouth. Only imagine - tender biscuit with a chocolate pastry...

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Chocolate cake

1210162If you are looking for indulgence, this walnut and chocolate cake is just the option. Being heavenly tender and soft, it simply melts in the mouth.

This luscious cake is surprisingly easy to make but it tastes like you spent at least a couple...

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Chocolate Cake with Strawberries and Banana

060616This amazingly bright cake tastes as good as it looks. Fresh strawberries and banana garnishes add the cake a festive look.

The sweetness of banana is perfectly accompanied with a light sourness of strawberries and bitter taste of dark chocolate.

In addition, this...

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Chocolate Cake Without Eggs

280316Do you have mood for baking and have no eggs? Then this recipe is just for you! This moist and tender cake is egg-free and very easy to bake.

The recipe for this cake is time-saving. At first you will need to mix the...

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Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce

030115If you want to bake something chocolaty I have the recipe that you are sure to enjoy.

A rich chocolate cake soaked with a caramel sauce and topped with amazing dark chocolate frosting. That is when a chocoholic’s dream come true....

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Chocolate Caramel Cake


This rich cake will impress everybody at your Sunday party. It is unbelievably moist and tender. This cake has a luscious milk and caramelized milk filling as well as hazelnut and white and black chocolate frosting. Its flavor goes for miles!

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