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Varenyky with Mutton

130616Today we are going to cook varenyky with a delicious meat filling.

Ground mutton with onion is a good solution to stuff your varenyky.

If you haven’t tried the varenyky with such a filling till now, then you definitely should try.


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Varenyky with Chicken and Champignons

100516Varenyky are so popular among Ukrainians and there are dozens of recipes for varenyky and their fillings. Today we are going to cook dumplings with chicken and champignons.

These varenyky are tasty, tender, and very nourishing. They will become a good solution for those who need...

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Magic Varenyky with predictions for the next year

197084_600Each of your family members and guests is going to find predictions for the next year inside his or her varenyk.

The Ukrainians celebrate New Year twice in the year because of the differences between Gregorian (secular) and Julian (Orthodox Church) calendar. The...

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Lazy Varenyky with Pumpkin

1293642408_1Fall has already come and inspiring pumpkin recipes of food bloggers have appeared. I also have one delicious Ukrainian recipe for you.

Today we will cook remarkably easy yet yummy dumplings. This recipe is for those who don’t have much time for cooking....

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Varenyky with Veal and Champignons

_HcieWM6tqIIf you have not yet tried varenyky with meat and mushrooms then you definitely should do it today because I am going to share the recipe of this delicious Ukrainian dish with you. Soft veal and tender champignon make a perfect combination. These homemade...

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