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2906163In summer it is recommended to eat products which contain a lot of water. Here is the list of vegetables and fruits which will help replenish your body with water.

Cucumber – 96% of water Celery – 94% of water Tomato – 93% of water Spinach – 92% of...
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Veal and Fresh Vegetable Soup

1352287227_grushevyj-supFor a family gathering, what can be better than good comfort food? Cooking this hearty soup, you will be able not only to feed all your family members but also to surprise them with a delicious, flavorful and at the same time healthy soup.

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Lean Vegetable Soup

sup_ovoshiIf you want to eat something nourishing and the same time non-caloric, then try to cook this lean soup. It is full of fresh veggies which make the dish not only tasty but also useful. There is so much good stuff in the soup...

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Clay Pot Veal and Vegetable Soup

_dim9073We are glad to share one more version of a tasty vegetable soup with you. This soup is flavorful, hearty and at the same time light on fat and calories. In addition, it is healthy since contains tender and flavorful veal combined with fresh...

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Chicken, Pepper, Champignon, and Cucumber Salad

salat-solomka-kuritsa-peretsLet’s cook a piquant and tasty salad that is a good option for a holiday feast. The recipe of this salad is easy and also time-saving. So, if your guests like to come unexpectedly, this recipe will come you in handy. You simply need...

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Potato, Carrot, Cucumber, and Laminaria Salad

vinegret_s_morskoy_kapustoy1Laminaria is a very useful vegetable since it helps us stay young. Laminaria contains a lot of vitamins, macro- and microelements, including phosphorus, magnesium, ferrum, sodium, as well as iodine which is very essential for body functioning.

Today we are going to cook a...

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