Ukrainian Borsch

2503162One of national Ukrainian dishes is borsch and today each Ukrainian woman has her own variation of the recipe.

However, there is the recipe for the traditional borsch which was cooked by our ancestors. The borsch wasn’t boiled in a pan yet it was simmered in a ceramic pot in the Ukrainian stove.

The traditional borsch didn’t contain meat. In included cracklings, bulb onion, and garlic. As most Ukrainians had a cow they dressed the borsch with sour cream.

In winter Ukrainians often cooked the borsch with fish which was beforehand dried on straw in the stove.

There were some recipe variations for the borsch depending on the region of Ukraine. People who lived in the Carpathians add pickled cabbage to their borsch. Ukrainians from the central Dnieper put beetroot, potato, and cabbage in their borsch. In spring Ukrainians added sorrel to the borsch.

During the lean season Ukrainians cooked the borsch with dried fish and mushrooms. In summer Ukrainians cooked the cold borsch which is called  - ‘Studen.’


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