Vegetable salad with spicy dressing

The best salad is made of fresh vegetables, isn't it? Ukrainian cuisine is known to use nutrient-enriched ingredients to bring your body vitamins and micro-elements. So if you follow the rules of a healthful lifestyle, you will adore such vegetable salad. Its secret of success in not only in main ingredients, but also in special dressing. You can't imagine, but mix or olive oil, vinegar, and spices can make a miracle!

To cook such simple salad you need less than 30 minutes and average ingredients, which are definitely accostable for everyone. Let's use a recipe for 4 portions.


4 portions

  • 3-4 fresh cucumbers
  • 50 g green salad
  • 30 g spring onion
  • 2-3 carrots
  • 3-4 tomatoes


  • 100 g of olive oil
  • 100 g of vinegar
  • 100 g of boiled water
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • 1/4 of chili
  • black ground pepper – to taste
  • salt – to taste


Cut garlic and chili into small pieces, add black ground pepper and salt. Pour the ingredients with olive oil, vinegar and water. Shake the bowl and let the dressing draw.

Combine cut cucumbers, tomatoes, green salad, spring onion and grated carrot. Sprinkle the ingredients with prepared dressing and mix.

Enjoy your meal!

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