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Stuffed champignons with walnuts and cheese

018-019_img_3975Champignon caps with filling are considered to be a good alternative to canape. Today we are going to cook stuffed champignons with walnuts and cheese.

By the way, you can stew of fry the champignon caps...

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Baked pork patties with nutmeg

04-06-2014-14-20-38_152These baked pork cutlets with nutmeg are divinely tasty and incredibly healthy. The baked tender pork in combination with nutmeg gives a wonderful aftertaste which you will definitely enjoy.

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Crispy potato skins

big502bd7ad3eb8eWe offer you the recipe of an easy and at the same time delicious appetizer which can be quickly cooked. This starter will be especially appreciated by your children while it is bright and its form reminds little...

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