Elderberry drink

  Ingredients: 150 g of elderberries 2 l (liter) of water 100 g of honey Cooking Pour dried elderberries with water and bring to boil. Add honey and boil thoroughly. Then filter and cool the drink. You can serve hot elderberry drink or cooled one. Enjoy your drink!

Chicory coffee

  Ingredients: 15 g of chicory root 700 g of water 20 g of sugar Cooking Wash chicory root, dry it in a dark place and bake it in the oven until chicory gets brown color. Cool and grind it. Place chicory root in the coffee maker, add sugar, pour it with water and bring coffee to boil. Enjoy your drink!

Traditional Ukrainian drink – Kvas Vyshniak

  Ingredients: 1 kg of cherries 400 g of honey 1- 1.5 l (liter) of water Cooking Place cherry in a large glass bottle and add honey. Pour the ingredients with warm boiled water. Cover the large bottle with a cotton ball. At the end of fermentation (approximately in 2 weeks) decant the wort and pour it in the bottles. Cork the bottles up and put in a cold place (12-14°C) for afterfermentation for 10-12 days. Enjoy your drink!