Easter cake

85848063_0_70d39_aa1e4115_1LEaster cake – is a curd paska, which is cooked only once a year - at Eastertide. It is the Easter dessert of pot cheese mixed with sugar, butter, and raisins.


  • 2 kg wheat flour
  • 4.5 glasses milk
  • 60-70 g yeast
  • 3 glasses sugar
  • 300 g dairy butter
  • 5 g vanilla / 20 g orange rind / 1 tbsp coffee


Pour 3 glasses of flour with 3 glasses of boiling milk. Stir the cooked mass, cover it and leave for 1 hour. Then pour 1.5 glass of milk, yeast, and vanilla / orange rind / coffee. Add some flour and knead the pastry. Leave it to rise.

Then pour heated dairy butter, flour and knead the stiff paste. Grease the baking molds with dairy butte. Shape the pastry in the form of Easter cakes and let them rise. Then bake them at 180°C.

Then cool the Easter cakes and grease them with cream.

Enjoy your meal!