Napa Cabbage, Egg, and Ham Salad

Tender napa cabbage is good for cooking a vast quantity of tasty dishes. If you haven’t tried this vegetable before, then you should do it. You can begin your acquaintance with this wonderful product by cooking the light salad with napa cabbage, egg, onion, sweet corn, and ham. Let me tell you that such a treatment will enjoy all who will try it. Taking into account the taste preferences of your guests you can add some other ingredients to the salad such as prawns, mushrooms (better champignons), sweet corn, boiled eggs, parsley, and dill. Dress the salad right before serving.


  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 bulb onion
  • 1 tin of sweet corn
  • 300 g (10,5 oz) ham
  • 400 g (14 oz) chinese cabbage
  • black ground pepper – to taste
  • sour cream – to taste
  • salt – to taste


Wash and chop napa cabbage. Dice ham. Hard boil eggs, peel them and cut finely. Peel a bulb onion and cut it also finely. Toss all the prepared ingredients together. Add sweet corn and stir everything properly. Adjust salt and pepper to your taste. Dress the salad with sour cream and serve.

Enjoy your meal!