Second Course

Pork stewed with cabbage and apples


  • 500 g of pork
  • 1 kg of fresh cabbage
  • 200 g of apples
  • 3 tbsp of dairy butter
  • 2 bulb onions
  • 1 glass of broth
  • lard


Wash the pork, place it on the frying pan with heated lard and fry. Slice the cooked meat. Chop cabbage and rub it with salt thoroughly. Stew it for 25-30 minutes and mix with slightly fried bulb onion. Peel apples, remove the seeds and cut them.

Place some cabbage, then pork and apples in a deep stewing pan. Lay the ingredients in the same order 2 more times. Pour each layer with heated dairy butter. Then pour the broth (in which the pork was boiled). Cover the pan and stew the dish for 30-40 minutes in the oven or on the cooker.

Enjoy your meal!