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Beef and Champignon Stew in Red Wine

zape4enaja-govjadina-s-gribamiWe offer you the recipe of a tasty and nourishing dish which is a perfect option for a family dinner. This rich dish contains tender and succulent beef, flavorful champignons and various useful vegetables such as...

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Stuffed short ribs

svinie_rebrishki_v_duhovke-79228Cook stuffed short ribs and serve them  with sliced bell peppers and lettuce.


  • 500 g (1,1 lb) of short...
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Beef chop with sweet bulb onion

328-main-largeCook beef chop with sweet bulb onion. When the onion is sautéed with sugar it becomes sweet and brown. Such onion is considered to be an appetizing garnish for meat. Your family members will eat the dish...

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