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Fruit salad with golden kiwi fruit

120213185949-120213190440-p-O-fruktovij-salat-s-zolotim-kiviThis kiwi and tangerine salad with a lemon and honey dressing is just gorgeous. The golden kiwi fruit assigns the status of a super fruit. It is one of 20 the most useful fruits on the...

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Fruit salad with sweet creamed curds

97932618We propose you an ideal variant for a breakfast for your kids. This melon, pear, and apple salad with curds is full of vitamins and will fill with energy the youngsters for the whole day. The...

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Salad with grapes

Green-GrapeThe grape seeds contain vitamins A, E, K and natural oils which help forward the cells strengthening and body rejuvenation. Among other things the grapes have flavonoids which are considered to be the powerful antioxidants which...

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