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Ham, mushroom, and cucumber salad

Салат-с-ветчиной-и-огурцамиWe propose you the recipe for a nourishing salad with ham which is one of the most favorite products of those who like tasty food. Ham is a good variant as a component for salads because you don’t need...

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Mushroom, cheese, and ham salad

salat-z-shinki-bazhaniy-gst-na-svyatkovomu-stol_654If you want to cook an unusual and delicious salad, then keep in mind this recipe. This mushroom, cheese, and ham salad salad will impress your guests with its simpleness and refinement at the same time.

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Garden vegetable and mushroom salad

Salat-s-gribami-i-majonezom-600x450We offer you a plain and at the same time a sophisticated recipe for a vegetable, chicken, and mushroom salad. The proposed ingredients can be used for any other meat salad. You can substitute chicken with lean...

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