Pumpkin soufflé

You can cook this pumpkin soufflé when your children are already 1,5 years old. Ingredients: 150 g pumpkin 1 tbsp butter 2 whites of the egg powdered sugar – to taste Cooking Wash pumpkin. Peel it and cut into 4 parts. Place the pieces of pumpkin in a baking sheet, pour them with water and bake. Make a pumpkin squash in a blender. Then add sugar and boil the pumpkin squash over low heat. Parallel to boiling whip whites of the egg. Add them to the pumpkin squash. Grease a...

Stewed pumpkin with apples

Ingredients: 1 kg of pumpkin 6 apples 2 tbsp of dairy butter 2 tbsp of sugar 0.5 glass of water 150 g of nuts 0.2 g of cinnamon Cooking Wash and peel a pumpkin. Cut it into slices (the breadth of each slice is 1 cm). Rinse, peel apples and cut them finely. Place the pumpkin in a deep stewing pan, add apples, ground nuts, sugar, dairy butter, and water. Mix everything thoroughly. Put the pan in an oven and stew the dessert. Enjoy your meal!