Lemon-raspberry milkshake

Ingredients: 1 glass of milk 10 g of lemon syrup 15 g of raspberry syrup some berries (for decoration) Cooking Refrigerate milk. Combine the milk, lemon syrup, and raspberry syrup in a shaker and whip until smooth. Pour the cooked drink in glasses, top with some berries, and serve. Enjoy your drink! Do you have a favorite Ukrainian recipe for a raspberry smoothie? If so, please let us know in the comments below or write us an e-mail.

Baked pudding under raspberry jam

Ingredients: 750 g of curds 0.5 glass of milk 3 eggs 4 tsp of starch 0.5 glass of sugar lemon zest/ grated almonds - to taste 1 tbsp of dairy butter/  margarine some raspberries raspberry jam - to taste vanilla – to taste salt – to taste Cooking Combine curds and milk, mix the mass thoroughly and grate it through a metallic sieve. Add yolks, starch, sugar, vanilla, and grated lemon zest or grated almonds. Stir everything carefully. Whip whites of the egg with a pinch of salt, add them to the mass. Grease a baking tray...