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A creamy non-alcohol beverage made from fruit and vegetables. Such a cocktail is a perfect snack for your healthy lifestyle. Select a recipe and cook it immediately!

Milk, Chocolate, and Banana Smoothie

1IEk6ofJ8JYThis is a creamy and rich smoothie you are going to love. It is tasty and easy to cook. If you serve this smoothie your children for a breakfast, they will be mad about it.

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Banana and Honey Smoothie

3Start your day with this rich smoothie that has a delicious flavor of honey and nutmeg. It will bring you lots of pleasure and also fill you with energy for the day ahead since the drink...

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Cucumber and Lettuce Smoothie

smuzi_s_ogurcomGreen smoothies are one of the most useful ones. They are very nourishing and at the same time they don’t contain many calories. If you keep a healthy lifestyle then you should include this smoothie in...

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