Top 8 useful pieces of advice

Meat preparation


If you need to boil or stew tough meat, pour some vinegar in a pan and your meat will become tender.


Grease meat with sour cream before frying and it will have browned crust.


If you pour tough meat with milk for some hours before cooking, then it will become tender.


If you are going to fry meat schnitzels or cutlets, cut out the sinews. In other case meat will become formless.


Chops and schnitzels will be tender if you grease them with mixture of vinegar and sunflower oil and leave for 1-2 hours before frying.


Sprinkle boiled meat with water before its reheating. Then meat will have such taste as freshly boiled one.


Put cutlets and meat only on the well warmed up frying pan. In this case their juice will not flow out.


Tough beef meat will become tender and will digest better if you rub it with a mustard powder overnight.