Yearly Archives: 2018

Orthodox and Catholic Christmas. What’s the difference?


Christians from all over the world celebrate Christmas. Established in honor of the birth of the infant Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, this holiday has a long history with unique traditions and customs - people decorate Christmas trees, cook festive meals, go Christmas caroling, go to the...

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Ukrainian beet salad – Vinegret


If you’ve recognized this salad, then you’re Ukrainian:)) Vinegret is also popular in Russia and other post-Soviet states. At most holidays and family gatherings, you will find a bowl of this vibrant, healthy and nutritious salad on a table. Although it is called “vinegret” in...

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Chocolate cherry cake with a decadent creamy frosting

The Christmas holiday season has officially started.)

What could be more delicious than a chocolate sponge cake with a juicy cherry filling and a rich creamy frosting? Winter is all about delicacies and this dessert is just a sweet bomb. Every piece...

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Nalysnyky – Ukrainian cheese filled crepes


Nalysnyky are essentially delicate thin pancakes with a cheese filling, slathered in butter and baked until tender. It is a traditional dish of the Ukrainian cuisine which Ukrainians have cooked for many years. This dish is rather versatile and can be served both as an...

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