Monthly Archives: December 2019

Roasted duck with apples and honey

Impressive holiday roast.

Baked duck is a delicious, nourishing, and useful dish. It is usually the centerpiece of the festive table, embodying peace, abundance, and family welfare.

Whether you serve it for Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc. it makes family...

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3 important January holidays for Ukrainians


Once upon a time, Ukrainians called January studen, i.e. a very cold month. There were three important holidays during this period: Christmas, Epiphany, and Old New Year (St Vasyl Day). How did Ukrainians celebrate these holidays and what exactly did they...

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Ukrainian honey cake

Ukrainian honey cake aka medivnyk is a cake from childhood. This dessert melts in the mouth and leaves nobody indifferent.

Delicately thin and airy cake layers soaked with sweet sour cream frosting and topped with incredibly gorgeous and at the same...

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