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Flat cakes usually thin and round cooked from eggs, milk, flour, and other ingredients. Ukrainians eat pancakes with honey, cottage cheese, meat, mushrooms, and so on. Find your favorite flavor!

15 Yummy savory pancake fillings

Love pancakes and looking for tasty and nourishing filling ideas? You’re just in the right place. We can’t wait to share with you fifteen amazing mouth-watering fillings with meat, fish, veggies, and eggs. Feel free to discover)

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How to serve pancakes – 20 fabulous ways


You probably know a lot of recipes for pancakes – with different fillings and different types of dough. But how many ways of serving can you count? I think it would be interesting for you to find out many beautiful ways to serve pancakes, especially on...

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Thick pancakes with grapes

Grapes don’t get enough love in cooking, so I decided to experiment a little and post this amazing recipe for thick pancakes with green grapes.

Love green grapes? Love pancakes? Have you ever thought about mixing them together? If not, then start right away! These thick...

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