How to serve pancakes – 20 fabulous ways

You probably know a lot of recipes for pancakes – with different fillings and different types of dough.  But how many ways of serving can you count? I think it would be interesting for you to find out many beautiful ways to serve pancakes, especially on the threshold of such holiday as Masliana/Maslenitsa/Cheese Week/Pancake Week.

Crepes and thick pancakes, dessert and salty ones, with and without filling, pancakes in the form of tubes, envelopes, triangles, roses – there are dozens of cool serving methods. And you can do this not only on holiday but also for a usual daily dinner for family or weekend snack for friends and/or relatives.

Read, enjoy, and try. Cook with love and don’t stop experimenting) Some serving methods might be familiar to you, other ones might be new. Maybe you’ll want to share with us your own idea how to serve pancakes) You are welcome to write comments.


1. Pancake pile

The most popular, widespread, and simple way to serve pancakes is to arrange them neatly on a serving dish, one above another, right from the pan, greasing the pancakes with dairy butter to prevent them from sticking to each other. Yet, the main secret here is to cook perfectly round pancakes of the same shape and size.


2. Pancakes folded in half

The second way to serve pancakes is to fold them in half. You can serve pancakes on their own or you can put some filling inside. Simple and delicious.


3. Pancake corners

Now we will fold a pancake three times. You can leave the pancake without filling and let each guest to choose it to their liking. Or you can cunningly stuff the pancake from the outside and get the illusion effect - it seems like the pancake is filled and empty at the same time.


4. Pancake-nalysnyky 

This "package" is suitable for stuffing which “strives” to get outside. Put the filling in the middle of the pancake, cover it with the nearest edge, after put right and left edges above, and then wrap everything in the rest of the pancake.


5. Hollow roll-ups

The same serving method as with rolled pancakes, but done with empty pancakes. It allows you to arrange pancakes on a plate in a more compact way. You can grease the inner part of a pancake with jam and put the filling on top.


6. Pancake tubes

Everything is extremely easy: you simply put the filling on the edge of the pancake and roll it in a tube.


7. Pancake rolls

Now we should put the filling in the center of a pancake and instead of rolling it, we’ll cover the stuffing with a left and right edge.


8. Festive rolls

First, you tuck one edge of a pancake and then you roll it - you’ll get elegant rolls that have neat, even edges and look impressively on the table. Each guest or family member will be able to choose the sauce to dip the pancake in up to their preferences.


9. Stuffed rolls 

This way of serving is similar to the one with festive rolls, but we fold pancakes in half and stuff them before rolling. To prevent unrolling, such pancakes can be tied with a parsley twig or a green onion feather.


10. Triangular pancake envelopes 

One more remarkable way to serve pancakes is to fold them four times, and then gently unbend the top edge and arrange the filling above.


11. Pancake horns 

Fold a pancake in half and generously stuff it with a filling. Then cover the filling with pancake edges.


12. Pancake cones 

Arrange plenty of filling on the edge of the pancake (the filling consistency should be dense and smooth – you can use cheese cream, whipped cream, soufflé, etc.). Then carefully roll the pancake circle-wise, as if you are making a paper cone.


13. Pancake triangles 

Arrange the filling in the center of the pancake and pull the edges of the pancake to the center, forming a triangle. To prevent the triangle from falling apart, you can fix the edges with the help of a toothpick.


14. Double pancake triangles 

That’s a more sophisticated way to serve pancakes. Repeat the procedure as we did with pancake triangles and then pull the pancake edges to the opposite sides one by one. In such a triangle, even a liquid filling will be securely sealed inside.


15. Pancake “fan” 

Take a pancake and furl it like a harmonica. Then fold the pancake in half. As a result we get a unique goffered-like composition.


16. Pancake nests 

Cover a serving plate with lettuce. Arrange pancakes like a pile and top them with the filling – you’ll get cozy and appetizing pancake nests.


17. Pancake roses 

Fold a pancake four times and cut out the formed corner. Unfold the pancake and make a cut in one place. Roll the pancake to form a rose.


18. Pancakes pouches 

Place the filling in the center of a pancake. Join the edges and fasten them with a green onion feather, parsley twig, suluguni cheese fiber, boiled spaghetti or a toothpick.


19. Stuffed pancake roll 

This is a culinary masterpiece! Stuff part of the pancakes with different fillings to your preferences and roll them into tubes. Then stuff the remaining part of the pancakes with already prepared rolls and roll them as.


20. Creative chaos 

Throw pancakes on a plate in a chaotic way, sprinkle them with oil, syrup, honey or sauce. This light negligence in serving gives pancakes some charm and coziness.

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