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Herring that was marinated in salt and are ready to eat. This is a fantastic appetizer. Try it once and keep cooking over and over again!

Appetizer for Ukrainian Horilka

Boiled potatoes with herring and pickled vegetables - all this you can find on the Ukrainian table. This is a perfect appetizer for Ukrainian horilka. So, if you want to make a party and serve some Ukrainian dishes or simply cook Ukrainian food for a...

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Herring and Vegetable Salad

This flavor-packed salad is filled with lots of stuff! It includes the combination of fresh and boiled vegetables, eggs, and light-salted herring. All the ingredients are layered on a serving plate so the layers can be seen in all their colourful beauty.

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Herring in Mustard Sauce

Do you want to try some piquant fish appetizer? Then let’s cook marinated herring together.

This simple recipe leads to an unbelievably tasty result – the tender fish fillet in a savoury mustard sauce. To cook the sauce we will need only several ingredients...

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Herring and Potato Appetizer

There are a lot of Ukrainian recipes with marinated herring and one of the most popular ones is the marinated herring with potato and onion. This dish requires only a little cooking but it tastes deliciously. In Ukraine it can be served both as an...

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