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Herring that was marinated in salt and are ready to eat. This is a fantastic appetizer. Try it once and keep cooking over and over again!

Herring and Pickled Cucumber Appetizer

SELDWe are glad to share one more recipe of a delicious Ukrainian appetizer with you. This starter has a rather piquant and savoury taste. Its main ingredients are herring and pickled cucumbers, the products which are...

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Marinated herring with new potatoes

We propose you a delicious recipe for a dinner which is rather savory and nourishing at the same time. If you don’t have much time to cook and want to treat yourself with something tasty – try this marinated herring with new potatoes.

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Herring in sour cream marinade

Try to cook the salted herring in creamy sauce. The marinade gives the herring a piquant sour sweet taste. It is recommended to serve this tender appetizer with brown bread and new potatoes.

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Ukrainian chaser “For a fellow sponsor”

This salted herring, bulb onion, and egg appetizer is a good variant to be served with Ukrainian horilka (vodka). The appetizer is rather rich and easy to cook.  Men will especially appreciate such a snack.

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