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12 picturesque sights of Ukraine – Top tourist attractions

Ukraine is a wonderful country with a rich tourist potential. Here you can see a plethora of different mountains, waterfalls, rivers, rich soil, interminable prairies, green forests, and many more.

Let’s make together a virtual tour to the most interesting places in Ukraine which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Mountain Hoverla

Mountain Hoverla is located on the border of Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk region, and is considered to be the highest mountain in Ukraine. Its height is 2061 meters above the sea level.


Dendrological park “Sofiivka” in town Uman

“Sofiivka” is a fascinating park with romantic atmosphere. This park is one of the most outstanding creations among other world park and garden designs of the end of XVIII and the first half of the XIX century.


Shatski lakes – Blue eyes of Volyn

Shatski lakes represent the group of 30 amazing lakes in Volynsk region, located between two rivers – Prypiat and Zakhidnyi Buh.


“Ukrainian Versal”, town Baturin

It is the residency of the last hetman of the Zaporozhian host – Kyrylo Rozumovskyi.


Pidhoretskyi castle with a ghost

The history tells about 60-year old castle owner Vatslav Zhevusky who married 19-year old girl Mariia. He was very jealous and killed his wife in a pitch of fury and immured her in the castle wall. Since that time the ghost of Mariia has dwelt in the castle.


Aktovskyi canyon

It’s an extraordinary beautiful rocky canyon with forest and water ecosystems, rounded by granite boulders.


Lake Lemuriiske – “The Dead sea” in the South of Ukraine

There is a pink lake containing salt with curative properties in Kherson region near the village Hryhorivka. The liter of water taken from lake Lemuriiske contains 50 g more salt than the water in the Dead Sea.


Oleshkivski sands – Sahara in Ukrainian style

Located near Tsiurupynsk in Kherson region, Oleshkivski sands represent one of the biggest deserts on the European continent. In very hot weather the sands of this desert warm up to 78°C (172°F).


Ukrainian Venice in Vylkove

A one-of-a-kind small town built on water and located in the place where the river Dunai disgorges itself into the Black Sea.


Waterall Shypot

The waterfall is 14 meters in height located in the deep gorge of river Pylypets on the North hillsides in the Carpathian region. In the July each year the representatives of different subcultures come here to hold a festival which ends with the feast of Ivan Kupala.


Optymistychna cave

It is the longest gypsum cave in the world which is located near the village Korolivka near Ternopil region.


Village Dilove, Carpathian region

The geographical center of Europe is located not far from town Rakhiv in village Dilove.

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