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Rose petals with honey


Recently I had a wonderful chance to harvest tea rose petals in my garden. There is nothing to compare the scent of a rosebush in the early morning hours, when the dew has just descended and the smell of flowering is so fragrant, the petals...

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Tomatoes packed in own juice

Fresh, firm, and ripe tomatoes are great, however they are seasonal and we can not eat them the whole year round. Hurry up and preserve these vegetables before tomato season comes to a close.  Tomatoes in their own juice are very tasty and flavorful.

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Adzhyka Sauce (Tomato and Red Bell Pepper Sauce)

You’ll never want to buy tomato pasta or ketchup in a store after trying this homemade adjika sauce.

Adjika is a spicy sauce that flavors your food. This dish has been around for many years in Slavic community. There is so much you can...

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