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Tomatoes packed in own juice

Tomatoes in their own juice Fresh, firm, and ripe tomatoes are great, however they are seasonal and we can not eat them the whole year round. Hurry up and preserve these vegetables before tomato season comes to a close.  Tomatoes in their own juice are...

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Pickled Vegetable and Rice Salad

13952364331hjwmPacked with various vegetables, this salad is very useful for our health. It also includes rice which makes the dish more nutritious.

Such a combination of rice and vegetables can be served not only as...

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Hot Vegetable Marrow Adzhyka Sauce

T5VTAdjika sauce is a delicious spicy condiment which can be served with roasted meat as well as vegetables or just a piece of bread. If you want to add some flavor to your dishes, then this...

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Spiced tomato sauce

adzhika-abxazskaya-apyrpyl-dzhika-recepty-1This recipe is for those who like high-seasoned dishes. The hot tomato sauce perfectly completes the taste of fish, meat or vegetable dishes, make them more flavorful and appetizing. A small amount of sauce can impart a...

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Cranberry and carrot jam

010_Klukva_07Have you ever heard about the jam with carrot and cranberry? This preserve is no only tasty, but also very useful due to the great amount of vitamins. You can serve this jam with tea. You...

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