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What is Ukraine famous for beyond its borders?

Ukraine and Ukrainians possess truly invaluable treasures. These include Ukrainian hospitality and a dish known as "borscht."The list of Ukraine's national values and achievements is extensive, comprising around 20 key points. We are eager to share each of these, which encompasses material...
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Traditional Ukrainian bread palianytsia

What is “palianytsia”?

The word "palianytsia" is well-known to every Ukrainian, regardless of age or region of residence. It is perceived as something truly Ukrainian, native, and with a patriotic color. This word holds multiple meanings, so let's...

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10 popular Ukrainian borsch recipes

Some people wonder why the taste of borsch can be so different if you try this dish in different places. The fact is that Ukrainian borsch recipes differ. On the one hand, in each region of the country, borsch is cooked in...

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World Embroidery Day – Ukrainian traditions


Vyshyvanka (the embroidered shirt) is not only a unique element of festive national clothes but also an essential part of the culture of the Ukrainian people. That is why every Ukrainian should know about such an event as Embroidery Day.

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