Baked apples stuffed with walnuts, raisins, and dried apricots


This luscious baked apple dessert is a true crowd-pleaser. Tender apples are stuffed with a walnut-raisin-dried apricot mixture and scented with vanilla and cinnamon. It tastes unbelievably good. Plus, during baking your house will fill with a delightful smell of coziness and comfort.

The recipe is easy to adapt for the number of invited guests. You just increase the amount of ingredients for the filling. Plus, this sweet dish is a lucky find for those who have vegan friends and want to treat them with a tasty dessert. Flavorful baked apples are also a great idea to end a romantic supper.

This dish is really easy to cook. We’ll just scoop out apples, fill them with nuts and dried fruits, and bake. Everything is simple and so delicious. Moreover, the dessert is healthy – only fruits, nuts, and honey. Let’s start cooking.


  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 3 medium apples
  • 30 g (1 oz) walnuts
  • 20 g (2 tbsp) raisins
  • 45 g (1,5 oz) dried apricots
  • cinnamon – to taste
  • vanilla – to taste


The recipe is for three apples. If you want to cook a bigger portion, you can adjust the amount of ingredients for the filling depending on the number of apples.

It’s better to use firm apples that are free of bad spots and bruises.

Wash and dry apples. Carefully cut out the stem area from the apples using an apple corer/slicer or a knife. Then scoop out the core and seeds with a teaspoon. Leave the bottom intact.

Chop walnuts, dried apricots, and raisins finely. You may also crush the mixture of nuts and dried fruits in a blender. Combine the mixture with cinnamon, vanilla, and honey. Stir everything carefully.


Stuff the apples with the prepared filling.

Stand the apples on a baking sheet. Pour 1/2 cup of boiling water into the bottom of the baking dish. Put the apples in the preheated oven and bake them at 180°C (356°F) until they are cooked through and become soft. Do not overcook apples, in other case they’ll become mushy. Spoon the emerging juice over the apples from time to time during baking.


Transfer the apples to a serving plate. Serve them till they are warm. Top the apples with powdered sugar for a truly decadent treat.


See how tempting looks the apple when cut in half.


Enjoy your meal!

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