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Stewed chicken hearts with vegetables

urlCook with us a tender and juicy dish which can be served both as a salad and as an appetizer. The most important thing is that this dish is very easy to cook. The stewed vegetables...

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Warm pumpkin and lentils salad

95261We offer you the recipe for vegetable salad which is healthy and tasty. This warm pumpkin and lentils salad is the ideal variant for those who want to have a nourishing dinner and not to gain...

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Herring in “shuba-coat”

q7tl7vOPNow we offer you one more version of the traditional salad – Herring in “shuba-coat”. It is the interpretation of the most beloved festival salad. This salad Ukrainians like very much and cook often. Today we...

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Happy New Year Greetings

c0a738cb9fe5f0929cebdc2fb7de7fe0Happy New Year Greetings!

May the new year be like a blank book that is waiting for intervention to fill up its 365 pages with all the colors under the sun making it a vibrant...

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Salad with grapes

Green-GrapeThe grape seeds contain vitamins A, E, K and natural oils which help forward the cells strengthening and body rejuvenation. Among other things the grapes have flavonoids which are considered to be the powerful antioxidants which...

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Homemade dry mustard “Cossack”

domashnya_girchycyaDry mustard is used mainly for the cooking of various meat and fish dishes. The sophisticated cookery specialists always recommend adding this spice to the fresh meat or mincemeat in order to soften the dish. Just one teaspoon of this homemade mustard seasoned with...

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