History of Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian national cuisine developed in its main features in the early XIX century, and finally took shape in the first half of XX century. Ukrainian cuisine combines great amount of various regional customs. Furthermore, the Polish, Hungarian, Germanic, Turkish, Tatar and Russian culinary traditions had a notable influence on the uniqueness of its recipes.

During its existence, Ukrainian cuisine has come long and interesting path from simple to complex dishes, which have very interesting ways of cooking. Gradually developing, being in close proximity with other nations and with their culinary tastes, the Ukrainians have created their own unique set of products and methods of preparation.

There are thousands of national dishes. Some of them may seem to you extraordinary because of the unusual combinations. Nevertheless you will be surprised by the unique taste which they create.

The centerpiece of the Ukrainian cuisine is bread which is made from rye or wheat flour and baked in the traditional oven.

Salo - is a favourite national product. It is served not only as a separate dish (salted, boiled, smoked and fried), but also as a condiment and fat base for a great variety of dishes, even sweet, combining it with sugar or syrup.

Vegetables play an important role in the Ukrainian cuisine. Beetroot stands on the first place and it can be called a national vegetable. We can name such vegetables as carrot, pumpkin, potatoes, tomatoes and corn, which are also very popular in Ukraine.

There is a big amount of recipes with cherry, plum, pear, currant, watermelon, while these fruits and berries are the most favorite in Ukraine.

Original national dishes of Ukrainian cuisine  have rich historical traditions, can enrich any daily or holiday table and rejoice your family and guests!