Love phrases in Ukrainian

Do you want to surprise your soulmate by beautiful Ukrainian romantic phrases or confess your love in Ukrainian?

The beauty and melody of the Ukrainian language encourage people to learn and speak it. Furthermore, the Ukrainian language was recognized the second most melodic language in the world after Italian and it was ranked the third most beautiful language on such criteria as phonetics, vocabulary, phraseology, and sentence structure after French and Persian at the linguistic contest held in Paris in the early 20th century, in 1934.

We are glad to share 10 amazing Ukrainian love expressions and romantic words you can use in daily communication with your other half.

1 Do you know how to say 'I love you' in Ukrainian?

Love is so important for Ukrainians that we even have two words for it:

The word кохання (kohannya) can be used only to your loved ones and means love between a man and a woman.

The word любов (lyubov) means romantic love and all other kinds of love: to your children, parents, country, job or even borsch (isn’t it your favorite dish?))

So, to say I love you in Ukrainian you can use two phrases:

Я тебе кохаю! Ya tebe kohayu - I love you

Я тебе люблю! Ya tebe lyublyu - I love you

If you want to emphasize your words you can add the word дужеduzhe - very much and put it at anywhere in the sentence (as the Ukrainian language doesn’t have strict word order):

Я дуже тебе кохаю! Ya duzhe tebe kohayu - I love you very much

Я тебе дуже люблю!Ya tebe duzhe lyublyu - I love you very much

Дуже-дуже-дуже люблю тебе! Duzhe-duzhe-duzhe lyublyu tebe - I love you very very very much


2. З Днем святого Валентина! – Z Dnem svyatogo Valentyna – Happy Valentine’s Day!

This holiday is new to Ukrainians yet nowadays we celebrate it and this day is an excellent ocсasion to declare your love for your soulmate.

Present your loved one a валентинка – valentynka – St. Valentine’s greeting card and say:

For a man

З Днем святого Валентина, коханий– Z Dnem svyatogo Valentyna, kohanyj! – Happy Valentine’s Day my love!

For a woman

З Днем святого Валентина, кохана! – Z Dnem svyatogo Valentyna, kohana!Happy Valentine’s Day my love!


3. Я сумую без тебе – Ya sumuyu bez tebe – I miss you!

People in love feel sad when they are far apart. Here are several ways to say that you miss somebody:

Я сумую без тебе – Ya sumuyu bez tebe – I am sad without you

Я сумую за тобою – Ya sumuyu za toboyu – I am sad for you

For a man

Я скучив – Ya skuchyv – I’ve missed you

For a woman

Я скучила – Ya skuchyla – I’ve missed you


4. Будеш моєю дівчиною / моїм хлопцем? – Budesh moyeyu divchynoyu / moyim hlopcem? – Will you be my girlfriend / my boyfriend?

In the Ukrainian language, the words for a boyfriend and girlfriend are the same as a boy and a girl – хлопець (hlopecz) and дівчина (divchyna).

You can ask a guy to be your boyfriend in two ways:

Будеш моїм хлопцем? Budesh moyim hlopcem? - Will you be my boyfriend?

Хочеш бути моїм хлопцемHochesh buty moyim hlopcem? - Do you want to be my boyfriend?

If you want to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, choose one of the questions:

Будеш моєю дівчиною? Budesh moyeyu divchynoyu? - Will you be my girlfriend?

Хочеш бути моєю дівчиною? - Hochesh buty moyeyu divchynoyu? - Do you want to be my girlfriend?


5. Ти такий гарний / Ти така гарна! – Ty takyj garnyj / Ty taka garna!  – You are so beautiful!

If you want to say a compliment to a girl in Ukrainian, use one these phrases:

Ти така гарна – Ty taka garna – You are so beautiful

Ти чудова – Ty chudova – You are great

Ти неймовірна – Ty nejmovirna  – You are amazing

Ти така добра – Ty taka dobra – You are so kind

Ти особлива – Ty osoblyva – You are special

To make a compliment to a man, you just need to change the ending of the adjective:

Ти такий гарний – Ty takyj garnyj – You are so beautiful

Ти чудовий – Ty chudovyj – You are great

Ти неймовірний – Ty nejmovirnyj – You are amazing

Ти такий добрий – Ty takyj dobryj – You are so kind

Ти особливий – Ty osoblyvyj – You are special


6. Моє серденько, моє сонечко… – Moye serdenko, moye sonechko… – My sweetheart, my sunshine…

Do you know how to affectionately call your other half in Ukrainian? Here are some sweet terms of endearment.


кохана – kohana – my love

люба – lyuba – dear

мила – myla – my love, my cute

моя зірочка – moya zirochka – my star

моя квіточка – moya kvitochka – my flower

принцеса – pryncesa – princess



коханий – kohanyj – my love

любий – lyubyj – dear

милий – mylyj – my love, my cute

ведмежатко – vedmezhatko – little bear

горобчик – gorobchyk – sparrow

принц – pryncz – prince


Universal – to both her and him

 серденько – serdenko – sweetheart

сонечко – sonechko – little sun

зайченя = зайчик – zajchenya = zajchyk – rabbit

котеня = котик – kotenya = kotyk – kitten

малятко – malyatko – baby

кохання – kohannya – love


7. Я щасливий / щаслива з тобою – Ya shhaslyvyj / shhaslyva z toboyu – I am happy with you

Love is happiness. Point. Tell your soulmate what you are feeling and say how happy you are with him or her:

If you are a man

Я щасливий з тобою! – Ya shhaslyvyj z toboyu! – I am happy to be with you

If you are a woman

Я щаслива з тобою! – Ya shhaslyva z toboyu! – I am happy to be with you


8. Обійми мене! – Pociluj mene! – Kiss me!

To hug in Ukrainian is oбійматися, обійнятися (obijmatysya, obijnyatysya) while the noun for hugs is обійми (obijmy). When you want to ask somebody to hug you, say:

Обійми мене! Obijmy mene! – Hug me!


9. Поцілуй мене! – Pociluj mene! – Kiss me!

A kiss in Ukrainian is поцілунок (pocilunok) and to kiss will be цілуватися (ciluvatysya). If you want to ask somebody to kiss you, then say:

Поцілуй мене! - Pociluj mene! – Kiss me!


10. Виходь за мене! – Vyhod za mene! – Marry me!

If you are a man and you want to propose to your girl in Ukrainian, say:

Виходь за мене заміж! - Vyhod za mene zamizh Please, be my wife!

or shorter:

Виходь за мене! - Vyhod za mene Please, be my wife!

If you are a woman making a proposal to a man, say:

Ти будеш моїм чоловіком? – Ty budesh moyim cholovikom? – Will you be my husband?

There is also a phrase that both men and women can say:

Давай одружимося! – Davaj odruzhymosya! – Let’s get married!

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