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Banana, Apple, Celery, and Cinnamon Smoothie

There are lots of fruit smoothie recipes which you may have already tried. Today we are going to cook the smoothie that combines pleasant with useful.

The thick and creamy smoothie with bananas, celery roots, apple juice, vanilla youghurt, and ground cinnamon...

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Meatballs in Apple Sauce

Meatballs are sure to be a big hit in almost every home. These beef meatballs can become a good idea as a wholesome dinner for your family since they are very nourishing and appetizing. In addition, this dish has a special zest. The secret of...

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Varenyky with Apples

We are glad to share one more delicious recipe of varenyky with you. As you already know, this dish is one of the most favorite and popular ones in Ukraine. There are dozens of recipes for various fillings beginning with meat and finishing with fruit...

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Honey Apple Pie

Today we are going to cook an everyday pie. Why do we call it everyday? Because you can make it without any cause or reason, on weekdays, when you want to serve something tasty and sweet. Once you taste this juicy, succulent and at the...

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Cottage Cheese Roll with Apple Stuffing

The main peculiarity of this sweet roll is its lightness and unearthly taste. As a basic component for the dough we will use cottage cheese and as filling ingredients - apples which make a perfect combination with curd crust. You can bake such a roll...

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