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Parsley, Apple, and Banana Smoothie

1_33f4dd397826c43ab1295efc4cb53c.0This vibrant green smoothie is a great idea for your quick and healthy breakfast since it will give you energy for all day long.

Lemon juice gives some piquant note to this delicious...

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Apple and celery cocktail

ZHIROSZHIGAYUSHHIY-KOKTEYL`-IZ-SEL`DEREYA-I-YABLOKATake the recipe of a fat burning cocktail. This drink is for those who keep a healthy lifestyle. This apple and celery cocktail is noncaloric, refreshing and full of vitamins. In addition it is tasty and...

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Apple and strawberry smoothie

fruktovyiy_smuzi_s_yablokom_i_klubnikoyA yummy way to start your day is a healthy apple and strawberry smoothie full of vitamins! This healthy drink will especially enjoy your children while it is very bright and sunny.

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