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Parsley, Apple, and Banana Smoothie

This vibrant green smoothie is a great idea for your quick and healthy breakfast since it will give you energy for all day long.

Lemon juice gives some piquant note to this delicious smoothie which is full of fresh flavors. Parsley comes alive and...

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Apple and celery cocktail

Take the recipe of a fat burning cocktail. This drink is for those who keep a healthy lifestyle. This apple and celery cocktail is noncaloric, refreshing and full of vitamins. In addition it is tasty and healthy at the same time.

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Apple and strawberry smoothie

A yummy way to start your day is a healthy apple and strawberry smoothie full of vitamins! This healthy drink will especially enjoy your children while it is very bright and sunny.

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Fruit and vegetable green smoothie

This smoothie with an apple, broccoli, and spinach can be served as for children as for adults. It is an ideal variant for those who go in for sports and lead healthy lifestyle.

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