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3 recipes for festive Christmas baking


Christmas is a long-awaited and cozy holiday. Despite the harsh Ukrainian winters, it is always celebrated with warmth in the heart and kindness in the soul. It seems that love and happiness are in...

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5 Sought-after West Ukrainian desserts


Nowadays muffins, cupcakes, tiramisu, and doughnuts fill all shop windows and restaurant menus. Undoubtedly, these world desserts are delicious, but let’s refresh our memory about amazing sweet authentic dishes from Western Ukraine.

It has been known about language borrowings and similarities in clothing ornaments...

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The history of wedding baking – Dyvuvannia

Dyvuvannia – is the unique decoration of a festival wedding table, the emerging of which we owe to the ancient Ukrainian traditions. This wedding bakery is considered to be a very symbolic rite which is undeservingly pushed out by the modern fashion craze.


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  • 1.5 cup of flour
  • 1.5 cup of water
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 tbsp of sunflower oil
  • 1/4 of vanilla stick
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 100 g of fat (oil)
  • 100 g of jam
  • 100 g of dried breadcrumbs/100 g of caster...
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Vertuta with apples

  Do you need to cook quick and nice pie? Such situation happens, when you have unexpected guests. There is a solution - vertuta with apples. This is a traditional Ukrainian dish, which is cooked of simple products. You can also replace apples with apricots, cherries, and other...
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