Beet walnut salad with raisins and carrot

  Ukrainians love beets and we have many recipes with this amazing veggie. Starting from first dishes and ending with salads. Today I’m gonna share with you one more variation of a beet salad. Arranged in bright layers, this salad is exceptionally yummy and festive. It will become a great idea for special occasions. The salad has a shockingly unique combination of ingredients – beets for vibrant color, walnuts for crunchiness, raisins for sweetness, carrots – for brightness, cheese – for smoothness, and garlic – for a sharp note. Ingredients:...

Beet salad with prunes

  Ingredients: 400 g (14 oz) beetroot 200 g (7 oz) prunes 200 ml sour cream 8-10 walnuts salt – to taste Cooking Boil and peel beetroots. Then grate them. Put boiling water above prunes and leave them for 20-30 minutes. Then cut the prunes finely and add them to the beet. Season the salad with salt and dress it with sour cream. Mix everything properly. Top the salad with walnuts and serve. Enjoy your meal!