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Ukrainian Cabbage Dish

Here is the wonderful recipe for cabbage dish which takes its roots from Transcarpathia and is called kulish. This dish was often served during weddings. Back in the day each Ukrainian wedding couldn’t go without this dish. Each mistress had her own recipe...

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Sour Cabbage and Smoked Chicken Breast Salad

Cook a nourishing dinner salad with smoked chicken breast and sour cabbage. The dish is flavored with bay leaves, dried thyme, black pepper, and caraway seeds. Such a rich, piquant, and tasty snack will evaluate both children and adults.

This salad is a good...

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Napa Cabbage, Egg, and Ham Salad

Tender napa cabbage is good for cooking a vast quantity of tasty dishes. If you haven’t tried this vegetable before, then you should do it. You can begin your acquaintance with this wonderful product by cooking the light salad with napa cabbage, egg, onion, sweet...

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Baked cabbage with tomatoes

It’s no secret that baked vegetables preserve vitamins, so this dish is definitely healthy. Plus, it is rather nourishing. This baked cabbage with tomatoes is recommended to serve with boiled potatoes.

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Cabbage au gratin

The recipe for this fried cabbage is easy and time-saving. The content of vitamin C in cabbage is 1.5 – 2 times more than in potato. Thereunto a cabbage can keep vitamin C for a long time. It also stimulates metabolic processes, has antiphlogistic and analgesic actions.

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