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Calamari, Cabbage, and Mushroom Salad

301115дThis yummy seafood and vegetable salad will become an excellent starter for a Sunday party. It is light, flavorful, and crunchy. Moreover, this salad looks so appetizing that your guests will not resist the temptation.

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Seafood and Vegetable Salad

57644e160253374c7b764a8db7f45966Get inspired with this bright and healthy salad. It tastily combines boiled calamari and prawns with smoked mackerel as well as fresh and crispy vegetables. All the ingredients are dressed with lemon juice. Who could resist...

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Nut and calamari salad

gorihovyj_salat_z_kalmaramy-650x571The calamari have in their content the great amount of protein and vitamins among which are B, E, C and PP. Therewith the calamari have a variety of microelements, necessary for the human being, such as...

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