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Cheese cake with raisins

2310163What could be better than a comforting cake eaten with your beloved? And here is the recipe of an awesome dessert which is easy to cook and delicious to eat. Treat your guests with this amazing cheese pudding...

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Cheesecake (Western Ukraine recipe)

69473455_sjrnjitort_1294060611_0_maxThe cheese cakes are popular almost in all corners of the modern world. However, in Ukraine, these cakes had begun to cook in the last century. This curd cake with lemon and vanilla filling is very...

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Carrot cheesecakes

ea1ceb603b122a6cb8ac76556e0333e7_bThese cheesecakes with carrot filling you can cook for your children, adults will also like them. The name of this patty originates from the word “vatra” which symbolizes hearth, fire and has the common meanings in the...

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