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Curd cake “The seventh heaven”

We propose you to taste a fresh and light dessert with sweet banana stuffing and chocolate cream on top. Who will resist from such delicious sweet course? Let’s quickly run to the kitchen and cook this amazing cheese cake with banana, chocolate, and raisins!

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Cottage-cheese cake with orange

We recommend you an easy baking recipe for a mouth-watering cake. The combination of curds and fruits gives a special taste. If you want to treat yourself with something sweet and to stay slim – bake this curd cake with vanillin and orange flavor.

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Cheesecake (Western Ukraine recipe)

The cheese cakes are popular almost in all corners of the modern world. However, in Ukraine, these cakes had begun to cook in the last century. This curd cake with lemon and vanilla filling is very popular in Western Ukraine. It is cooked in each village...

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