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Nalysnyky – Ukrainian cheese filled crepes


Nalysnyky are essentially delicate thin pancakes with a cheese filling, slathered in butter and baked until tender. It is a traditional dish of the Ukrainian cuisine which Ukrainians have cooked for many years. This dish is rather versatile and can be served both as an...

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Cheese pancakes with semolina and apples

Traditional cheese pancakes are undeniably tasty but today we are going to enliven the usual recipe for syrnyky (so Ukrainians call cheese pancakes) with a tender filling. We will make cottage cheese pancakes with apple and semolina filling. The combination of fruits and semolina taste like...

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Cheese Pancakes with Raisins and Lemon Zest

If you are thinking of making easy and time-saving breakfast for you and your kids then you should try this one. These marvellous pancakes have a simple and quick recipe.

They are fluffy and light, have tender cheese texture with raisins and delicious flavor of lemon.

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Syrnyky (cottage cheese pancakes)

Ideal solution for breakfast on weekends, especially for kids.

Cottage cheese is very nutrient-enriched food for children and adults, but usually kids refuse to eat it. If you have no idea how to encourage your kid to eat this product, then traditional Ukrainian cuisine will help...

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