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Tomato, Eggplant, and Cucumber Salad

salat-zakuska-iz-kuricy-baklazhanov-i-pomidorAccording to the recipe of this vegetable salad an eggplant is fried and combined with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and chili pepper. You will cook the dish in a matter of minutes and get a nourishing and...

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Warm shiitake mushroom and eggplant salad

120131082242-120213185953-p-O-salat-iz-baklazhanov-s-ukropom-chesnokomThis warm shiitake mushroom and eggplant salad can be even served as a second course while it is very nourishing. Shiitake mushrooms are not only tasty but also contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, including...

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Eggplant and beans salad

end1Today we cook a nourishing eggplant and beans salad. It is a good stewed vegetable appetizer which will remind you about summertime. The combination of soft eggplant pulp and juicy beans gives an unearthly taste. The...

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