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Browned potatoes and red onion

  This recipe for fried potatoes served with red onion is a great and appetizing alternative to traditional fried whole potatoes.

This dish is very simple and easy to cook. Potatoes, red onion, salt and pepper, and oil - are the key ingredients you’ll need to make this second...

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Sauteed potatoes and mushrooms

Sauteed potatoes and mushrooms – is one of the most favorite dishes in Ukraine. We can serve it as everyday course or treat guests. By the way the dish like as children as adults.

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Village-style potato with cracklings

  Cook fried potato with cracklings and wow your guests with this amazingly tasty Ukrainian dish.


  • 1 kg potato
  • 200 g dairy butter
  • 100 g sour cream
  • 200 g salo (pork)
  • ...
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