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Herring in “shuba-coat”

Now we offer you one more version of the traditional salad – Herring in “shuba-coat”. It is the interpretation of the most beloved festival salad. This salad Ukrainians like very much and cook often. Today we will cook herring with carrot, beetroot, onion, and egg. The variation is good while it has a wonderful accompaniment. […]

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Beetroot and herring canapé

Ingredients: 200 g boiled beetroot 100 g pickled herring fillet 100 g curd cheese parsley skewers / tooth picks Cooking Cut herring fillet into medium pieces. Boil and peel beetroot, cut it into stripes (0.5 – 1 cm breadth each). Place the curd cheese thick above the beetroot slices. Cut the beetroot into slices which […]