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8 delicious recipes for kutia (sweet grain pudding)

Kutia or kutya is a special sweet grain dish that is first served at the Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper (Sviata Vecheria or Svyata Vecherya in Ukrainian).

Kutia is not only a delicious dish loved by many but also a symbol of good harvest...

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Ukrainian Christmas kutia with raisins, poppy seeds, and nuts


Kutia (kutya) is a traditional Ukrainian dish, a sweet grain pudding that is served on Christmas Eve dinner (also known as Svyata Vecherya). Kutia symbolizes fertility and abundance, and it is believed that good luck will come to every home where it is served. The richer...

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Kutia is a traditional dish on Christmas Eve. People usually begin or end their repast by eating this dish. The main components of kutia are wheat berries, more rarely barley is used. Ukrainians also began to make kutia of rice. All products which are the ingredients...

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