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Vegetable salad with veal

This veal salad with tomato, cucumber, and beans is rather rich and tasty. The dish is healthy, while it doesn’t contain any fried components. At the same time the good combination of vegetables and veal gives the salad some special taste. Ingredients: 3 tomatoes 1/2 bulb onion / leek 1 tin of cannellini beans 1 pickled […]

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Pea, ham and tomato salad

  Ingredients: 500 g ham 800 g tomatoes 350 g pickled cucumbers 250 g green peas 200 g sour cream 200 g apples 40 g mayonnaise 5 g mustard salt – to taste ground black pepper – to taste mustard – to taste culinary plants – to taste Cooking Cut tomatoes into equal sized rings. […]