Raspberry and Melon Smoothie

Smoothie is a good way to start your day healthy and energetically. This drink is quick and easy to make and it tastes sensational. In addition, it is rather nourishing. So, if you don’t have much time to cook a breakfast and want to stay active the whole day then this recipe is quite the thing because it is rather time-saving and easy to remember. One more advantage of this smoothie is that it is full of useful components which will fill your body with energy as well as a...

Melon salad with feijoa

Ingredients: 2 peaches 300 g of melon 200 g of feijoa 1 orange 10 g of sugar Cooking Wash the ingredients in cold water and dry them. Cut peaches into halves, take out the stones and cube peaches. Peel and slice feijoa. Peel a melon, take out the seeds and cube it. Peel and cube an orange. Combine the prepared fruits, powder them with sugar and mix carefully. Cool the salad in a fridge before serving. Enjoy your meal!