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Ukrainian Christmas doughnuts

Lean doughnuts for ChristmasEve

Wait a second? Can youfeel the flavor of freshly fried donuts?Topped with powdered sugar, these finger-licking homemade pampukhy (Ukrainian doughnuts) are waiting for you.

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Pampushky – Ukrainian garlic bread


Every Ukrainian knows that borsch is not a real borsch without pampushky. Pampushky are savory Ukrainian buns made of yeast dough and brushed with garlic sauce. Baked to golden beauty, they are used as a substitute for bread.

In Ukraine, pampushky stand in one...

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Pampushky in a Garlic-Onion Sauce

In Ukraine borsch is usually served with delicious donuts which are called ‘pampushky’. Today we are going to cook pampushky under a piquant onion-garlic sauce. Such a treat will become a good addition to a hearty borsch (numerous recipes of which you can find on...

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