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Christmas poppy seed roll – Makivnyk


This delightful Ukrainian poppy seed roll (makivnyk) is 100 times better than any Christmas cake. Flavorful, soft, airy, and tender

Just perfect for the occasion.

The makivnyk recipe is for three rolls - one for you...

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Poppy seed roll dusted with powdered sugar


Poppy seed roll is a very popular pastry in Ukraine and I’m really glad to share one of Ukrainian recipes for this amazing bakery. Topped with powdered sugar and flavored with vanilla, this poppy seed roll smells fantastic. The buttery soft yeast dough stuffed with...

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Delicious poppy seed roll – Traditional Ukrainian bakery

Wondering what to cook on the Savior of the Honey Feast Day? Poppy seed roulette is the perfect option! This dish is very popular in Ukrainian cuisine. It has an inimitable flavor and amazing taste.

Soft, tender, sweet yeast bread with a rich, bittersweet poppy seed...

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