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Potato cakes with mushrooms in a clay pot

Potato pancakes, also called as deruny, tertiukhy, and kremzlyky, are widely popular in Ukraine. This dish is a wonderful example of a really good Ukrainian comfort food. There are dozens of recipe variations, including the ones with...

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Potato Flapjacks Stuffed with Ground Meat

1280324069_kolduniFans of cookery will evaluate this unusual recipe. I have already shared the recipes of various potato flapjacks with you. Today we are going to fry the potato flapjacks with a beef and pork filling which...

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Stuffed potato pancakes

big_nachinka_iz_gribov_bToday we cook yummy stuffed potato pancakes. You can choose one filling and use it or stuff the pancakes with both fillings. Each of them is tasty and nourishing.

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