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Pampushky in a Garlic-Onion Sauce

In Ukraine borsch is usually served with delicious donuts which are called ‘pampushky’. Today we are going to cook pampushky under a piquant onion-garlic sauce. Such a treat will become a good addition to a hearty borsch (numerous recipes of which you can find on...

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Homemade dry mustard “Cossack”

Dry mustard is used mainly for the cooking of various meat and fish dishes. The sophisticated cookery specialists always recommend adding this spice to the fresh meat or mincemeat in order to soften the dish. Just one teaspoon of this homemade mustard seasoned with cinnamon and cloves will makes your food to stick in the...

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Adzhyka sauce (Chernihiv recipe)

Adjika is a homemade variant of tomato, bell pepper, and chili pepper sauce with sour sweet taste.


  • 3 kg mature tomatoes
  • 500 g bell peppers
  • 500 g bulb onions
  • 500...
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